The New Topping Book

221 pages

English language

Published March 9, 2003


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2 stars (1 review)

1 edition

Mostly disappointing and some questionable views on consent

2 stars

I wouldn't consider myself an expert or super experienced in the subject matter (BDSM/Kink) which is why I wanted to read this book, to learn more. However it didn't have much to say that I didn't already know. That might be a sign that I've had good mentoring so far or that the book is quite shallow, or possibly both. It really only touches on basics and spends a lot of time with telling stories of the authors' amazing adventures, which tbh I wasn't really interested in.

Slightly amusing was the way these let's say slightly older authors talk about online culture in terms the "the Net" and "Netfolk". They really could have asked someone who's a bit more at home online to proofread this for them.

What really stuck out was a section where they argue that, as a top, you're supposedly obligated to follow through with dates and …